• Characteristics of Academically Gifted Children

    Gifted students may exhibit some of the qualities below:


    ·        Advanced vocabulary and verbal ability for chronological age

    ·        Operates at a higher level of thinking than his/her peers

    ·        Comfortable with complex and abstract thinking tasks

    ·        Less need for concrete experiences for full understanding

    ·        Perceives cause and effect relationships

    ·        Makes connections and identifies relationships

    ·        Prefers challenging tasks to “basic” work

    ·        Wants to share what he/she knows

    ·        Very intense/ gets absorbed in activities or thoughts

    ·        Motivated to do things that interest him/her

    ·        High energy level

    ·        Emotionally sensitive for others and self

    ·        Likes to be in charge/leader

    ·        Rebels against routine or order

    ·        Frustration with slower pace of class

    ·        Daydreams

    ·        Sensitive to criticism

    ·        May be unorganized or work in “sloppy” manner

    ·        Creative

    ·        Perfectionist

    ·        Prefers to work independently

    ·        Critical of self/mistakes

    ·        Willingly shares knowledge

    ·        Lack of attention when “bored”

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