• About Me:
    My name is Mrs. Terri Sergeant.  I am married with 2 children and 5 grandchildren!  I have a "stress pet" in training (Thor the dog) who will come to our classroom to work with the children.  I have been teaching children for 29 years now.  I have loved almost every minute of it! I have taught at non-profit schools, home based education programs and now for WSFCS.  I have my Masters of Art in Teaching from Salem College.  
    How children learn:

              I believe children learn by having hands on, interesting, relevant and meaningful activities.  I believe in creating a community of learners.  I believe that reading to children helps them learn to read.  I believe in scaffolding, where the child has just enough assistance to accomplish an activity.  I create a safe, nurturing environment for my students. 

    Role of the Teacher, Child, Family and Community in Education:

              The teachers role is to be a facilitator.  The child's role is to learn not only the academics but also the emotional social skills he needs.   I believe my job for this year is to provide my children with the skills they need in order to access the curriculum.  This is done with patience, love and listening not only to the children but also to their families.  I keep in close contact with my families through phone calls, newsletters or notes.  I believe that families and teachers should work as partners in their child's education. 


    I believe that children make the greatest strides if their teacher and families are a team.  I have wonderful family participation.   We  have assistance from a variety of companies.  Our school is open to community programs such as football and other sports.  This is a very warm, family centered school.  I am proud to teach here.

    Teaching Strategies:

              The teaching strategies I use are child centered based on each child's individual needs and interests.  I use observation based planning to extend each child's learning in order to access the Common Core Standards  I find the child's interests, and then extend his knowledge by adding to his activity.  I believe that a child learns to read by having someone read to him.  I read to the children several times each day.  I use hands on, interesting, meaningful and relevant activities to assist the children in their learning.  I believe in the social constructivist philosophy.  I use Developmentally Appropriate Practice guidelines for each aspect of my classroom and teaching strategies.



    I feel now that I was always meant to be a teacher.  I have loved each teaching position I have had whether center-based, home-based or with the school system. I believe that I have found the most difficult and rewarding profession anyone can have.  I am an advocate for children and their families.   I will always believe that all children are learners.  I know first hand how critical it is for families and teachers to work together.  I will always strive to give my children emotional-social skills as well as academic skills. I will always strive to listen to my children.  I will always strive to build up my children so the can face the reality of their world. 

    I look forward to getting to know you and your child. 
    Sincerely yours,
    Mrs. Terri Sergeant, M.A.T.