The community we live in is a generous one.  Many companies both local and national have programs in place to support education with monetary contributions.  Below are just a few ways you can help our community support Kernersville Elementary.  If you know of others and would like to see them here just drop me an email, Dana Routh (drouth@wsfcs.k12.nc.us).
    Kernersville Chamber of Commerce Education Grants
    The Kernersville Chamber of Commerce sponsors Education Grants for our local schools.  This year 28 grants were awarded.  Kernersville Elementary received three of these grants which is the most any one school can receive. A huge thank you to the Kernersville community for supporting the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce Education Grants by participating in Eating for Education each of the three dates this summer. The funds raised from eating out made for half of the grant funds. Please thank all of the businesses below for their generous funding of the 2010 education grants. Visit the Chamber's Education Grant Page to see pictures of the winners and to view grants at your school that still need funding. 
    Harris Teeter VIC Cards
    It is time to re-link your VIC cards.  Harris Teeter gives schools a portion of sales on certain products BUT you have to re-link your card every year. Use the link below to re-link online.
    With the use of a Target Red Card, Target will donate 1% of all purchases on the Red Card to the school of your choice.
    Corporate Matching Grant Programs
    Many corporations, several of which are local, offer their employees the opportunity to give to to educational institutions and the company will match their contribution.  Kernersville has received money from the following companies in the area but you may know of more.  Check with your company to see if Matching Grants are one of your benefits.
    RJR,  Sarah Lee,  IBM,  Bank of America,  Well's Fargo,  Duke Energy
    Office Depot
    Office Depot will give our school 5% of qualifying school supply purchases.  You can credit the school throughout the year.  Below is a link with the school ID number that you will need to give Office Depot so they can properly credit your purchases.  Also, look for the Box Tops on qualifying Avery products (see link under Box Tops).
    Box Tops for Education
    Did you know that for every box top you cut out, your school can receive 10 cents.  If you are like many of us, when I looked over the attached list there are many many products you are already using that are eligible.  Just remember to cut out the Box Tops!!
    Avery is also a partner with Box Tops in Education so look for those productswhen you visit Office Deport!
    United Way
    Contributions to United Way can be earmarked for specific organizations.  To choose Kernersville Elementary for your contributions use code 2624. 
Last Modified on January 15, 2016