•                     First Quarter Homework

    ·         Students will have reading homework Monday – Thursday nights. 

    ·         We will have special projects and assignments throughout the school year. An explanation letter will be sent home for each activity.

    ·         Individualized homework will be assigned as needed to support academic growth.


    Reading Homework

    Students are expected to read every night (Monday-Thursday) for 15 minutes.  Below are some suggested questions for students to discuss after reading each night at home.  Students should talk about what they read every night.  Students should practice writing answers to these questions at least once a week.  It is very important for students to talk and write about what they read. This promotes a deeper understanding of what is read.


    • Tell what the character does and why he or she does it. Give two specific details from the text.
    • Explain how the character feels and use a detail from the text to support your answer.  
    • Identify three text features and explain the information you learned from each text feature.  
    • What could be another title for the text? Use information from the book to explain your answer.
    • Complete the cause and effect chart. When given one cause, provide the effect. When given an effect, provide the cause.
    • Fables teach lessons. What lesson does this fable teach? Use details from the story to explain your answer.