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    Shhh... I'm doing my homework
     Homework is an important part of 5th grade.
    Each Monday the students will receive a homework packet.  There will be a reading log, short reading passages with questions to answer and either a set of vocabulary or spelling words to learn during the week.
    Each of my students is expected to read from 15 to 30 minutes a night.  This reading should be selected by the student, and should be on their independent reading  level.  I'd suggest that your child read a mix of fiction and non-fiction.  If any of your  children enjoy helping in the kitchen, reading recipes is a great idea!  This helps reading skills as well as math (especially fractions) and prepares
    them  for any recipes that may appear on the End of Grade Tests.  It also gets the adults some help in the kitchen!  This reading should be recorded in the child's reading log and initialed by the parents (or another responsible adult) every night.  I ask that the nightly reading not be done on-line.

    Vocabulary and spelling will be given on alternate weeks.  The students will do one page of the spelling or vocabulary each night of the week and study on Thursday night for the test given on Friday.  
    The vocabulary assignments emphasize learning the many definitions of the given words and can require careful thought.  I encourage parents to take some time to go over the vocabulary assignments with their children, especially on Wednesday nights when the "Complete the Sentences" assignment is given.
    Spelling assignments will be taken from our reading series and will consist of words that our students will be reading during the course of the year. 

    Math assignments will be given sparingly.  Once the students have demonstrated mastery of a concept, I will give review homework, usually once a week.

    There will be Social Studies and Science projects assigned.  Keep an eye on this space for upcoming  information.

     During weeks when we are out of school for more than one day, homework may be delayed or simply not given.