Adapted Physical Education



    Adapted Physical Education is not a related service and is available for school-age students. (WS/FCS:  Adapted Physical Education teachers must be a part of the IEP team when a student has needs requiring adaptations, modifications, or specialized instruction as part of the IEP.) Students who do not meet classifications but still require some assistance to be able to participate in physical education would be candidates for a 504 Plan. A 504 Plan spells out the modifications and accommodations that will be needed for these students to have an opportunity to perform at the same level as their peers (might include things like a wheelchair ramp, blood sugar monitoring, etc.).

    NC 1500-2.1:

    1. Children with a disability shall have equal access to the provision of physical education. Physical education includes the development of:
      • Physical and motor fitness;
      • Fundamental motor skills and patterns; and
      • Skills in individual and group games, sports, and activities (including intramural and life-time sports).
    2. If a child with a disability cannot participate in the regular physical education program, individualized instruction in physical education designed to meet the unique needs of the child shall be provided. Physical education may include:
      • Modified physical education;
      • Adapted/special physical education;
      • Movement education; and
      • Motor development.
    3. Modified physical education is appropriate for a child who can participate in the general physical education program with accommodations or modifications. These modifications can include changing rules, equipment, time limits, etc. It can also include supports such as a sign language interpreter.
    4. Adapted physical education (also called specially designed or special physical education) is instruction in physical education that is designed on an individual basis specifically to meet the needs of a child with a disability.