• Mrs. Haeffele's Behavior Plan

    I maintain a Love and Logic Classroom!

     I have developed the following classroom discipline plan to support the rules and expectations of Clemmons Elementary School:

    Your child will have a stamp in their agenda daily to signify their daily behavior.  If they sign the rule book I write a note or contact you  Please sign your child’s agenda daily to show me that you have reviewed their homework with them and received any information I may have sent that day. 

    Students can earn rewards by showing expectations in the following ways:


    1. Students will treat themselves and others with respect.
    2. Students will strive to reach each goal they set.
    3. Students will make good choices. 
    4. Students will do their best at all times.
    5. If a problem arises, students are expected to work with Mrs. Haeffele to solve the problem.


    If a student breaks a rule:


    1. Warning Verbal Correction
    2. Sign the rule book and an appropriate natural consequence (apology, modeling of correct behavior, verbal reciting of correct behavior,etc.)
    3. Note Home
    4. Phone Call Home
    5. Sent to the Principals Office

    I use a site called Class Dojo to record team points, students can earn team points for group behavior as well as individual behavior.  These points will help students earn rewards on a regular basis.  
    Students who sign the rule book less than 5 times during a month will participate in a fun activity. 
    Examples of rewards students can earn with points are:
    Treasure Box
    Sit on an exercise ball for the day
    Get the teacher's chair for the day
    Chew gum all day
    Sit at the teacher's desk all day
    Use the teacher's ipod during independent work times
    Homework pass
    Mechanical pencil
    Eat lunch outside with the teacher and friend


                                                                                                                   Thank you for your support!