* 1 box of 24 crayons
    *  glue sticks
    * 1 pack of #2 pencils - plain yellow
    *  erasers (pencil-top and others)
    *  2 boxes of tissues
    * 1 box of washable markers
    *  packs of loose leaf paper (wide rule)
    *  pencil pouch/zippered or box
    * 4 composition or spiral books (wide rule)
    * 2 - solid colored 2-pocket folders 
    * book bag/back pack (NO wheels) 
    * Hand sanitizer (Purell/Dial/GermX)  
    * 1 box Zip-lock bags (quart/gallon)
    * Earbuds or headphones to use with Chromebooks
    ***Please note that 3 ring binders are listed on the supply list posted by the county, but they are NOT meeded at LES.
    These items below are purely optional, and are not required by the school system.
    **Diaper Wipes
    **3/4" double sided tape
    **Colored Pencils
    **Individual Wrapped Candy 
    All the supplies listed below are listed above, so please do not buy double.  Please see the breakdown below on how some of the supplies will be used:
     Science/Social Studies - 1 notebook, 1- 2 pocket folder
    Englis Language Arts - 1 notebook, 1- 2pocket folder
    Math - 2 notebooks
    ** Pencils, markers, pencil top erasers, tissues, glue sticks and lined paper are put together to make a class supply.