• Kindergarten Literacy Components                                  

    Language DevelopmentKindergarten students should have the experience of sharing their thoughts during class discussions.  The opportunity to share ideas promotes skills for reading.

    Listening SkillsListening to literature and teacher directions provides students with different types of books and the listening skills needed to be successful learners.

    Letter/Sound RecognitionStudents should be introduced to letters and their sounds through games and matching activities.  It is very important that students identify letters and sounds for successful reading skills.

    Phonemic AwarenessPhonemic Awareness is the concept that words are made up of sounds.  Phonemic awareness is also the ability to pull letter sounds out of spoken words.  The concept of phonemic awareness is a strong predictor of a successful reader.

    Shared Reading- Shared reading introduces students to different types of books and also is a wonderful tool for teacher modeled reading skills.

    Guided Reading- During guided reading the students are split into small groups.  This provides the opportunity for leveled reading and small group instruction to promote effective reading strategies.  While students are in Guided Reading groups other students are participating in Literacy Centers around the room.

    Literacy CentersLiteracy Centers provide hands on independent practice of literacy skills to promote practice of reading skills as well as other literacy components.