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    I Want To Be In The Science Fair…Now What????

    Contact Mrs. Bullard at cbullard@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    The MES Science Fair will be held on Monday, December 5.  Winners of the Meadowlark Science Fair will have the opportunity to advance to the District Science Fair sponsored by WSFCS.  The purpose of the Science Fair is to have students explore concepts of interest through the scientific method.  More information about the Science Fair may be found at:

    MES Science Fair Guide

    WSFCS Science Fair Packet

    NC Science and Engineering Fair


    To enter the MES Science Fair, you must actually complete an experiment.  Simply building a model of something or recreating a cool science activity is not an experiment.

    • First, find a child-appropriate topic that interests you.
    • Next, research the topic.
    • Identify a question that you have generated from your research.
    • Form your hypothesis. This should be in an “If…then” statement.
    • Conduct your experiment. Experiments should have control and variables.
    • Keep a Scientific Log of your findings.
    • Observe and draw a conclusion.

    You will need to present your project and findings on a standard sized display board.


    Due Date

    1. Your project must be brought to the Media Center on the morning of Monday, December 5.
    2. Projects will be judged during the day on Monday, December 5.
    3. Parents may view experiments on Thursday, December 8.
    4. Awards will be announced by Thursday, December 8.             


    Sites to help select a Topic

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