• WSFCS Grading   


    Excellent progress

    (Working independently, mastering content at a high level)


    Good progress

    (Working independently, above average content mastery)


    Satisfactory/Expected progress

    (Adequate/expected progress of grade level content)


    Slow progress

    (Below grade level and/or difficulty working independently) 


    Not meeting grade-level expectations

    (Unable to/does not work independently)

    Mats doing homework 




    Students, Please figure out a good system for doing your homework and for remembering it each day. Use your planner to check off if you have included everything you need. 

    Parents: Please rely on your child's PLANNER. This page is not regularly updated. 


    • Read 25 minutes nightly. This should be a book or magazine of your choosing, unless otherwise specified.
      • We will alternate weeks of Wordly Wise and a written response. Knowing that, you can keep yourself up to date or even work ahead sometimes.


    • Practice math facts, don't lose your skills.
      • Math sheet daily (usually from the math practice book)

    • Weeks that have Reading Response (rather than Wordly Wise) the responses include writing.