• Schedule & Snacks
    This will be our schedule for the 2015-2016 school year.
    Your child may come to the classroom at 8:00 and will unpack, and will have some morning work to do. We will go over morning work and begin math right after the school news. Please have your child at school on time. The room can be chilly. Your child may want to bring a sweater or sweatshirt.

    8:00-8:20  Sign-in/Unpack, WEXP News, morning work

    8:20-10:00  Math
    10:00-10:20  Reading
    11:00-12:28  English Language Arts
    12:28-12:55  Lunch (Homeroom)
                                         12:55-1:05   Pack up, bathrooms
    1:05-1:50  Encore
    1:50-2:45  Silent reading, Science/Social Studies

    2:45-2:50   Clean up/Dismissal

          Encore/Specials Schedule 1:05-1:50      
    Week A 
    Monday - Media
    Tuesday - PE
    Wednesday - Music
    Thursday - Art 
    Friday - Guidance/Enrichment
    Week B
    Monday - Technology
    Tuesday - PE
    Wednesday - Music
    Thursday - Art 
    Friday - Writing


    Please send a healthy snack with your child. We will have a working
    snack at around 10:20, so snacks should be easy to eat and not
    messy. Great snack choices are bananas, grapes, raisins, apples,
    nuts, trail mix, cereal,
    crackers with cheese, carrots, or other ready
    to eat vegetables.
    We have students with allergies in our classroom.
    Please be mindful if you send treats for birthdays or other special days.


    I encourage students to bring a water bottle to keep at their desks.
    It is important to hydrate the brain, which is about 70% water. If 
    your child has not had a water bottle at his/her desk in the past, the
    novelty usually wears off quickly. If it becomes a distraction, I will
    put it in a place other than the desk. Please send WATER ONLY. I 
    am as fascinated by bugs as many of my students, but don't want to
    share the room with uninvited varieties.