Popcorn Words

    Popcorn words are words that keep "popping up" around us.  They are high frequency words that are repeated often in books and print.  These words will help us to be more fluent readers and writers.  We will study one or two words per week.  These words will be on our word wall in our classroom.  The word wall is highly visible while we are working at tables.  The children will be able to use the wall while completing writing activities throughout the year.  During the week we will do a variety of activities with our words.  Below is a list of popcorn words that we will study this year. 
    a     all     and     as     at     am   be     boy    but     can     did     do      down
    for     go    girl      had     has     have     he     her     him     his     I     in     is     it     little    look   of
    on      out     other    said      not    see     she       so    some     that     the     to   then     there     they    
    up     was     we     were    what    when     with        you