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    Sharing is an important part of your childs oral language development.  Sharing in front of the class will encourage your child to share information and ideas while speaking clearly in complete, coherent sentences.  We share daily in kindergarten.  One of those special times is during show and tell.  During show and tell, your child learns about questioning, critical thinking, problem solving, and many other language skills.  In our classroom, there are two share sacks.  They will be going home periodically throughout the year.  When your child receives the share sack, your child may bring in an appropriate item to show to the class that fits inside our share sack.  Students are encouraged to share their achievements, something that happened at home, a season related item or an item pertaining to the topic that we are studying.  As careful as kindergarteners try to be, some things do become lost or broken.  Please do not let your child bring anything that is of great value or that cannot be replaced.  During share time, your child will have the other children guess whats inside the sack.  You and your child need to come up with three clues to help the other children solve the mystery.  The clues can be written on a note or card placed inside the sack.  Example:  If the item in the share sack was a toy car, then the clues might be:  1) It has a motor.  2) It has 4 wheels.  3) It runs on gas.  All students will be able to participate in the mystery guessing fun.  Show and share is one of the favorites among kindergarteners.  Look for a share sack to come home soon!