• Classroom Procedures

                All homework is expected to be completed and ready to discuss on the day that it is due.  It should be neat and legible.  Students are responsible for recording daily homework in their planners.  They are also responsible for taking necessary materials home to complete their homework.
           Classroom Behavior 
                 All students are expected to follow the classroom and school wide rules throughout the day.  They should be respectful of their fellow students.

    CLASS RULES - 1. Follow Directions
                                   2. Raise Hand to Interact with Discussions
                                   3. Keep Hands, Feet, and Objects to Yourself
                                   4. Work Quietly
                                   5. Stay Seated During Instruction
    CONSEQUENCES - 1. Verbal Warning
                                         2. Move to "Caution" 
                                         3. Time Out in Classroom
                                         4. Move to "Red"
                                         5. Time Out in Another Classroom
                                         6. Office Referral
                                         Severe misconduct results in an immediate office referral.