•  News from Room 407
    April 22, 2014
    General Information 
    I hope each of you had a very special time with family and friends during our long weekend. 
     Thank you to our many parents who signed up to help in our classroom.   All volunteers will need to complete a new form for declaring volunteer status.  See information sent in previous email.
    Thank you to all the families who helped to make my birthday very special.  I appreciate the kind words, thoughtful cards, and generous gifts. 
     Upcoming Events
     Spring Event - Sunday, April 27th -  Preorder your tickets now. Check on the PTA website and previous flyers for details.
    BIOGRAPHY DAY -  Wednesday, April 30th - 11:00 - 11:40 -  IN THE GYM    Bring coins to help your wax museum figure come to life!!!!  All money collected will be given to the YMCA to support its educational programs.
    Read to Achieve Assessments
    Main Idea has been our focus over the past couple of weeks.  It would be good practice as you read books together, watch movies, attend plays,etc. to ask your children to tell you the main idea of the event and give details from the event to support his/her thoughts. 
    Students will continue to develop reading strategies such as identifying the main idea, facts and details, sequencing, and compare and contrast.  Discussing what they read is a good way to reinforce these skills.
    Students will continue to bring home a Take Home Reading Log to record nightly reading.  We will be journaling about what they have read at home during class.  They should be reading 2 hours during the week.  This is very manageable by reading 25 minutes five nights a week.  The Reading Log (W.E.B. sheet) should be kept in the student's binder for easy access.  It comes home with the student daily!  
    Students now have the weekly reading packet.  Each night the student should read the passage aloud to you.  (We only read one passage a week.)  On  Monday, they should write the words they did not know and the definition.  On Tuesday, they write at least three think marks and why they selected them.  By Wednesday, all questions should be answered after you have discussed them together.
    We are digging deeper into problem solving and reasoning. On all assignments, students are expected to show their work and explain their thinking!

    Multiplication is our focus and being able to explain WHY  the answers are correct is key to their understanding.
    We continue to focus on writing our opinions.  The school system has a third grade writing rubric for scoring these assignments.  A sample of each student's work will be kept in their permanent folder. 
    Spelling - Quarterly Contract (new one each quarter)
                              Students will select three activities to complete during the week and turn in on Fridays.  The dictionary category is always mandatory although the activity may change.  Always check the new contract each quarter. We will have spelling tests on Fridays.
    Wordly Wise - We will adhere to the following schedule for WW homework:
                               Monday - Section A, Review Section E Questions 1-3
                               Tuesday - Section B, Review Section E Questions 4-6
                               Wednesday - Section C, Review Section E Questions 7-10
                               Thursday - Section D / Study for the test on Friday/ Review all Section E Questions
                               Friday - WW Test
    Section E (reading comprehension) with the 10 questions will be discussed and completed in class.  We will work on three questions each day in class.  If students should not complete the questions, they will have them for homework. Questions should be answered in complete sentences which include the WW word.  (We have discussed this in class so students should understand the expectations.)  The questions will be graded for accurate use of the word, inclusion of the word, and complete sentences.
    Social Studies
    Economy Unit - Students will apply for jobs, earn a salary, pay taxes, rent, and fines if applicable in order to experience the economic process.  Toward the end of the quarter, students will apply for a business license and open their own business for our Econ Day (Date TBD).
    Plants - Students will learn about the life cycle of plants and the necessary ingredients to make the plants thrive.

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