• Classroom Policies


    Behavior Expectations/Consequences
      I expect all second grade students to largely be able to control or modify their behavior without a lot of involvement outside the classroom.  I respect the children enough to go to them first when I notice a behavior that is creating a difficult learning environment for others.  I do not contact parents or gaurdians if the student is able to correct a behavior themselves.  In the event that a student is unable or unwilling to correct a behavior, I will send home a note for the parents to sign. Of course in a situtation of extreme behavior such as fighting, theft, or serious threat I contact the office and parents immediatly. Please understand if a note comes home your student has been given ample opportunity in class to change a behavior and did not choose to do so. 
    Homework will be posted each afternoon on this website.  This is to be used as a backup, not to replace copying the homework from the board into their planners. 
    •  Bookbags should be the ones worn on the shoulder not ones with wheels.  Our closets are not big enough to accomodate such large bags and they end up spilling out onto the floor.
    • Please do not send you child to school with the large TrapperKeeper type binders.  As with the closets the desks allow only so much room and these large binders end up on the floor by a student's desk.
    •  Students are welcome to bring bottled water to school to drink throughout the day at his or her desk.  I ask that it be water flavored water.  Flavored water when spilled tends to be sticky and is an invitation for ants into the classroom.  I do reserve the right to revoke a student's priviledge to drink water in class if the water bottle itself becomes too much of a distraction to the student or results in too numerous requests for the bathroom.
    • We will have a time for snack each day as we are working.  Snacks are not to be sugary ( candy or any dessert item), messy ( drippy fruit ) or a large quantity ( no family size bags of food and student plans to eat only a little for snack).  Please note that snacks are not a requirement for the classroom and a student can lose this priviledge as well if they are unable to follow the guidelines.