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          Beginning on the first day of school your child will be bringing home a planner each night. Each student will take home the planner inside his/her 3-ring binder.  If you have not already purchased this binder, please do so prior to the first day of school.  The planner will include a behavior log. You can check to see what kind of day your child had and see if there are any notes you may need. This is an area to write questions and/or comments you have for us. Please put absence excuse notes and transportation change notes on a separate paper and place them in the CLEAR POUCH at the front of the planner. The papers will be collected each day and sent to the office. We will save more lengthy and important information for Tuesday folders.

         Each Tuesday, your child will bring home a white packet with work samples, PTA information, and other updates. Please check this each Tuesday, sign, and return the white packet on Wednesday. Effective communication will make a big difference in your child's second grade experience!