• Our Best Behavior

            We will be using a behavior point system called "Class Dojo."  Each student will be able to earn points that are specific to our class rules.  At the end of the week, you can log onto your child's account using a special pass code to see details about his/her behavior.  Class Dojo will also be linked to the e-mail you provide in order for you to receive reports each week.  

       1. If a student needs a reminder about his/her behavior, the student will be given a yellow "warning card."  This is just a reminder about "staying on track."  If the student does not change his or behavior, the next time the student will receive a point on the Dojo system.  You will be able to view that specific to what was taking place in order for him/her to have gotten the point.
           Each day please look through your child's planner in order to see any specific comments or concerns pertaining to your child's behavior was for the day. Please sign the planner each day and return to school. This system will help us to communicate regularly about your child's behavioral struggles and successes at school. Hopefully, this information will enhance your ability to reinforce positive behaviors at home.