We would like to encourage you to join the Meadowlark Parent Teacher Association (PTA).
    PTA membership dues are $6 per person. Click here for the Enrollment Form.
    Top Ten Reasons You Should Join the PTA:

    1. To keep up with what’s happening. The PTA knows what’s happening with the school and usually plans many of the events.
    2. To share your skills. You can share what you’re good at doing to help your child and all the other children in the school.
    3. To meet other parents. Membership provides the chance to share ideas, concerns and experiences – a chance you might not have otherwise.
    4. To speak up. PTA has a platform you can use to suggest change at our school.
    5. To witness improvement. When you get involved, you can help make positive changes.
    6. To be a role model. By becoming a PTA member, you’re also becoming a role model and demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education.
    7. To enjoy benefits. Keep up with our Spirit Nights at local eateries to take advantage of discounts and help earn money for our school.
    8. To make a difference. There is power in numbers, so joining PTA gives you a powerful voice for the children.
    9. To support all children. According to www.pta.org, PTA is the largest child advocacy association in the United States.
    10. To be part of a tradition. PTA has been around since 1897, more than 100 years.


Last Modified on August 18, 2019