• Stupendous Second Quarter  Fall
    Here we are in a new quarter. It is hard to believe that school is moving along so quickly. We have learned much in these first few months of 2nd grade.
    In reading we have been working on reading with comprehension strategies:
    asking questions, summarizing, making connections, predicting, clarifying, and visualizing. We are also using various comprehension skills: categorize/classify, cause/effect, main idea/detail, inferencing, and compare and contrast. Be sure to read nightly with your scholar, allowing them to demonstrate their mastery of these skills. 
    Our math concepts have increased in difficulty and intensity. Our newest concept is that of measuring. We are learning to correctly measure in inches and centimeters and then compare the length differences  between objects we have measured. In our review time we are working on telling time, place value,  and regrouping.
    Our science focus is weather: the sun's energy, temperature, weather instruments, precipitation, and so forth
    In social studies we are discussing economics and making wise money choices. Terms such as goods, services, producers, and consumers are compared, contrasted, and discussed.
    Hang on to your hat! It's a wild ride and we are loving every minute of it!