• Home School Connection


    *On Mondays, your 2nd grader brings home a Homework Folder. In this folder there is a chapter book that your child chose from our classroom library. The student is to read 10-20 minutes every night from their chapter book. The Homework Folder is due back each day.

    *The homework cover sheet will tell which reading and math worksheets the child is to do and on which day.  HOMEWORK FOLDERS ARE TO BE RETURNED DAILY. Always look at the homework cover sheet to be sure the correct work is being done.

    *The homework cover sheet lists the spelling words the child is to learn that week. Each student will choose from a variety of spelling tasks. One task is to be completed each night.

    *The homework cover sheet lists the vocabulary words the child is to learn that week.

    *Please spend time each day reviewing addition and subtraction equations. I would suggest that you go to Dollar Tree and buy a set of addition flashcards and a set of subtraction flashcards. To be successful in math, they must memorize these equations.

    *Please pay attention to our Specials schedule. On Media Day, the students need to return their media books. On P.E. Day, the students need to wear tennis shoes.

    Day 1-Enrichment   Day 2-Music   Day 3-Media   Day 4-Art   Day 5-P.E.  

    *Each Tuesday the students bring home a Take Home Tuesday envelope. Please look over EVERYTHING IN THIS ENVELOPE. Keep all the papers at home. The envelope is to be returned no later than Friday.

    *Please let your child bring in items for our Concept/Question board. we need things like newspaper articles, books, and photos showing the theme of KINDNESS.