• Grading Scale
    A  93 - 100                                              
    B  85 - 92
    C  77 - 84
    D  70 - 76
    F  Below 70
    You can access your child's grades at anytime by logging into NCWise
    Grades are weighted in NCWise by the following:
    Test 35%
    Classwork 30% (Independent Workbook pages, QAR, worksheets, Successmaker)
    Quizzes 25% (Including class projects, reports, presentations)
    Participation 10% (Guided worksheets, homework, home projects, take home readers)
    If an assignment is missed because of a student being absent, a 0 or exempt will appear on the gradebook until the assignment is made up and then it will be replaced.
    If you have any questions about any grades or the grading policy, please contact me!
Last Modified on July 23, 2013