• Name: Deonna L Revels
    Moore Magnet ES
    Subject: K-5 Teacher
    Room Location:  217
    Contact info: (336) 727-2860 ext. 5070217
    Email:  drevels@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Dear Families,Classroom Entrance

    Welcome to my webpage.  I am thrilled to be a part of your school year for both you and your students that attend my classroom. Our theme is CHALLENGE YOURSELF to SUCCEED. My hope is that students realize their great potential and know that they are great learners. Together we learn new skills that greatly improve student academic growth and success.

    I have attended workshops, research-based strategy sessions, and explored stronger instructional-based techniques in order to meet the diverse needs of the classroom. After working in the Exceptional Children's Division for over 17 years, I continue to be excited about my students and their learning. I strive each year to have a learning environment that is meets the needs of individual students as we work together as a team of parents, regular classroom teachers, and the student.

    I want to share a few relevant thoughts of information. I am available by email, phone or phone message, and conferencing by appointment. Please feel free to communicate as the year progresses. Also, keep in mind that student learning is enhanced by repetition of skills. Homework is an important part of the educational cycle in that it glues information to the long-term memory of the brain. In addition, reading often and lengthening the time at read builds mental energy for students. This is so important to the whole scheme of progress in the school life. Please encourage your child to read, read, read for fun, for joy, for exploring new ideas, for humor, for classroom success.

    Thank you for the awesome opportunity to share in your child's learning. I frequently review and study your child's folders and educational needs. With eagerness, I meet each day with purpose as your child's character, personality, and academic growths unfold.

    TOGETHER we will achieve success!