Educators believe that ALL children are learners; teachers are responsible for creating the conditions of learning for ALL students.

          I am excited to be part of the Moore Magnet School Team. I look forward to working with students from various grade levels. I graduated from Salem College with degree in Communications, with Certification and Highly Qualified in Special Education grades K-12 and Regular Education K-6.

    What Parents do to grow Good Readers ...

    Read to your child everyday. Children of all ages benefit from daily read aloud. Set aside quiet family reading time.

    Keep lots of books and other printed materials in the home. Materials for reading may be English and Spanish.

    Show your child you value reading. Let your child see you reading, that it is a pleasurable activity. Go to the library with your child or bookstores, provide many choices. Ask your librarian for books in your primary language.

    Talk about your reading activities. Encourage questions, predictions, and retelling of what the story means inyour cultural and at school.

    Suggested Enrichment Activities:

    Choose one reading activity each night to include in your daily reading time. Allow your child to read the book as many times as desired.

    Read the book or short passages together. Encourage your child to read along even if he does not know all the words.

    Encourage your child to re-read the story or passage. Talk about the pictures and how they connect to the story. Ask the child to make predictsions, guessing what will happen next.

    Be a word detective in learning new words. Understand the the story will give clues to new words. Help child to notice that parts of some words sound or look like other words he may know.

    Play rhyming word games. Look for phrases that repeat in the reading. Try making silly songs or poems with new words. Keep learning fun!

    Ask questions often throughout the reading experience with questions such as Who is main character, Where is the story happening and When, talk about specific details that are most important to tell the story. Ask Why do you think the story ended the way it did, what problem was solved.

    ASK other questions about the story...         

            who is their favorite character                                 thumbnail

            what was their favorite part                                       

            when did they know the end  
            how did you like the story?
    Know what your child is learning.

       Show them you have high expectations for their learning!