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    Mrs. Sneed's Classroom Rules and Expectations
    I expect all our students to be the best THIRD graders they can be!  My classroom rules reflect our PBIS school rules.  We follow our SMART rules each and every day so we can grow our brains and become smarter!
    We start each day by reciting our SMART pledge:
    I am proud to be a Moore School student.
    I promise to be SMART.
    I will be Safe.
    I will Make good choices.
    I will Accept responsibility.
    I will be Respectful to others and to myself.
    I will Try my best every day.
    I am proud to be SMART at Moore School.
    Our classroom rules are as follows:
    S....Safe....Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    M...Making good choices....Raise your hand before speaking.
    A...Accepting responsibility...Complete classwork and homeword neatly and on time.
    R...Respectful...Use voice level "0" during teaching and working times.
    T...Try your best...Focus and follow directions quickly and quietly.
    The following are our consequences if students choose not to follow our classroom rules:
    Consequences will include (but not limited to):
    1st offense: Warning (name on board)
    2nd offense: Check by name...15 minutes walking at playtime or 15 minutes removed from group.
    3rd offense: 2 checks by name...the above plus silent lunch or 30 minutes removed from group
    4th offense: 3 checks by name...the above plus parental contact
    5th offense: 4 checks by name...the above plus working in another classroom
    Repeated/severe offense...all of the above and D1