• homework  Homework for the Week of February 1-5
    Students will have spelling, math, and reading homework nightly. 
    **Spelling homework will be given on Mondays and need to be returned, completed with 3 assignments on Friday.  Students will take a spelling test on Fridays.
    **Math homework will be given nightly and need to be returned the following day as we will go over selected problems in class.
    Monday—milliliter and liter worksheet
    Tuesday—15-3 in workbook
    Wednesday—Metric Mass worksheet
    Thursday—Scavenger Hunt at Home
    **Reading homework is assigned on Mondays as a Reading Log and there are 4 questions for students to choose from to answer.  Students must read the selection EACH NIGHT and respond to ALL FOUR of the questions in complete sentences.  These responses are due Friday of that week for a grade.  The repetition of reading the same passage each night helps students practice their fluency.
    **4 Responses due Friday, February 5