• uniform dress code
    North Hills Elementary School students are expected to follow a uniform dress code in order to increase focus on learning.  Below you will find the general guidelines for student uniforms.  If you have specific questions about the uniform policy, or have concerns about providing uniform clothing for your child, please contact the school at (336) 703-4176.
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      (Please note, the retailers & links above are not controlled or endorsed by WS/FCS or NHES and are provided for informational purposes only.)


    Please make sure that your child adheres to North Hills Elementary uniform policy.  If your child does not wear the proper attire as outlined below; it could result in the following disciplinary actions:


    Uniform Offenses: Failure to wear mandatory uniform

    1st offense: Phone call home to parent for a change of clothing

    2nd offense:  Silent lunch and a change of clothing

    3rd offense:  In-school-suspension and a change of clothing


    Uniform Requirements:  Students are not permitted to wear T-shirts.

    Students are to wear contrasting colors ex. - red or black shirts and khaki bottoms or red or white shirts and black bottoms or khaki bottoms.






    Khaki or black skirts or jumpers

    Solid black or white tights (no designs or leggings)


    Khaki or black slacks or shorts

    Khaki or black slacks or shorts


    Oxford shirts (solid black, solid red or solid white)

    Oxford blouse solid black, solid red or  solid white


    Polo shirts ( solid black, solid red or solid white)

    Broadcloth blouse ( solid black, solid red, solid white)


    Knit shirts (solid black, solid red, or solid white)


    North Hills T-shirt & sweatshirt


    North Hills T-shirt & sweatshirt

    Solid black or white sweaters


    Solid black or white  sweaters

    Please make sure your child has a black belt


    Please make sure your child has a black belt



    * Black or Blue JEANS, JEAN SKIRTS AND JEAN JUMPERS ARE Prohibited


    uniforms are mandatory for all students

    • Make up or excessive jewelry is not won or brought to school. 
    • Shorts should be knee length.
    • Tank tops should not be worn to school.
    • The mid region of the body should not be exposed by boys/girls at anytime.
    • Shoes should be appropriate for safe active play.High heels, knee high boots, noisy sandals, thongs, and flip flops are not permitted. Sandals must fasten around the ankle or lower leg. 
    • Long skirts are dangerous on steps an in active play and are not to be worn at school. 
    • Soft-sole shoes such as guy shoes, must be worn for physical education class. FOR SAFETY, STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE BAREFOOTED. 
    • Long cords worn around the neck to hold keys, are prohibited. 
    • Jeans, Jean skirts, and jean jumpers are prohibited.
Last Modified on August 19, 2021