•  SIT Team
     The School Improvement Team (SIT) meets monthly to discuss school wide programs, policy, and general procedures.  The SIT provides leadership and a collaborative partnership forum for all school stakeholders. The SIT is responsible for the School Improvement Plan, an ongoing, data-driven process to provide continuous improvement for our school. 
    If you are a parent or community member who is interested in becoming a member of our SIT, please contact us at (336) 703-4176.
    2021-2022  SIT Members
     T. Krafft S. Hamilton   
    T. Shore L. Parmley S. Morrison Hyde
    C. Kiger W. Rowdy J. Garver
    C. Rich S. Bright P. Bohannon
    P. Rattley K. Treuren L. Bowser
    G. Clement-Noyes R. Payne  J. Rogers


     SIT meetings:    
    Monday, Aug. 30 Monday, Oct. 4 Monday, Nov. 1
    Monday, Dec. 6 Monday, Jan. 24 Monday, Feb. 24
     Monday, March 21 Monday, May 2 Monday, June 6