• Kindergarten Reading Expectations
    Kindergarten students are are involved in many daily reading activities.  We read for fun and to develop comprehension skills.  The children are involved in reading activities such as STaR (story telling and retelling), guided reading activities (small group instruction), Big Book activities, and Fast Track Phonics.  They also work with phonemic awareness skills such as rhyming words, letter sounds, and syllables. 


    Kindergarten students will be expected to learn the elements of of a story retell.  Story elements include the setting, characters, problem and solution,
    author's purpose and a personal connection to the story.  Click here to print Story retell strips.
    Each kindergarten class will participate in a 100 Book club.  Books read to or by the students can be written down and sent in to be counted toward their goal.  A recording sheet will be provided by the teacher and prizes will be given periodically throughout the year.  The student will be recognized at the end of the school year.  100 Book Club recording Sheets can be found here.