• There's nothing like a great book!
    Our reading program changed to Balanced Literacy during the 2012-2013 school year.  One of our main school goals is to increase students' reading fluency.  Third grade students will be assessed first quarter using Dibels Next and TRC in addition to traditional assessments.  You will receive a mClass report with additional fluency information in the first quarter report card.
    You will receive additional information about the NC State Law "Read To Achieve".  If your child struggles to read &/or to write fluently and does not have an IEP in reading, I will contact you for a PEP meeting.  We will set goals and talk about specific strategies we can use at school & at home.  Each quarter, we will revisit the PEP and adjust as needed.
    Non fiction, informational text, like science & social studies, tends to be more difficult to read due to the low frequency vocabulary & concepts.  Please read any assigned science & social studies with your child at home and discuss concepts & vocabulary.

    There are several sites we will use in class...you are welcome to use them at home.

    http://www.abcya.com/third_grade_computers.htm  ABCya third grade has activities for reading/language arts, math, etc...

    Ms. Presha's Online Site
    Read Theory, a differentiated FREE literacy site.  Students need a username & passcode from their teacher.  
    RAZ-Kids, a differentiated literacy program.  RAZ-Kids requires a paid subscription.  2014-15 third grade students have their usernames and passcodes.  My teacher code is cbrown28
    Please check out links on the ORES website:

    >Students> to Tumblebooks

    >Students>3rd Grade> Reading & Writing>fun sites to build skills

    We have limited resources so I am encouraging students to check out at least one book from the media center that they can read, not too easy/not too hard.  They may check out a more challenging book...but please read it to them.  It is wonderful for students to hear a fluent reader!  If your child has a younger brother or sister, please encourage him or her to read to that sibling.