Reading in the summertime  

    book cart

         I enjoy visiting the public libraries in the summer and I love to see kids there checking out books!  It's a great way to keep abreast of all those reading skills that your first graders have learned this year.  Plus all they need is a library card!  Read things you enjoy kids.  Parents, curl up with your kids at night and continue to read with them.  It will continue to make a huge difference in their lives.
      What to do in the summertime??


         Sometimes kids tend to want to sit in front of the television during the summer.  They love those video games also.  I encourage you to get your kids out and away from sitting all summer.  Television and video games are fine in moderation.  Try taking a walk, riding a bike, gardening, building something together, talk together, cook together, read together, go grocery shopping together and let the kids help, go hiking, play with your pets, etc.  There is so much to do that we sometimes don't have the time to do when school is in or we have to rush to do it.  Have a fun filled wonderful summer!
    Technology in the summer     


         If you are wanting to get on the computer this summer, try going to the Old Richmond website and visit first grade under students.  Ms. Mulhern has lots of great educational games that you can play.  Try out Tumblebooks.  That is always fun.  Username is oldrichmond with no spaces and the password is books.  Have fun listening to some great stories!