A list of Spelling words will be distributed each week.  Your child will be responsible for doing activities at home that will aid in his/her learning.  A sheet containing a list of spelling activities will be sent home with your child. They will have the choice of which activity they would like to do nightly. If you should lose your list of spelling activities please click on Spelling Activity/Story Element Sheet tab on the left of my webpage. I have a copy of the activity sheet posted under the heading current assignments.  Your child will not only be responsible for the spelling words listed on the weekly sheet but also he/she will be responsible for 3 bonus words that follow the rule we are learning.

    Reading homework will begin the week of  September 4, 2012.  Please have your child read aloud for at least ten minutes and read silently for ten minutes each school night.  Please ask your child questions about the text after she/he finishesPlease see the laminated insert in your child's homework folder for suggestions about  questions to ask your child.   Please have your child answer in a complete sentence one of the questions on the laminated sheet.  This sentence will be recorded on the nightly read and respond sheet that will be in your child's homework folder. If you should lose the laminated insert, please click on the Spelling Activity/Story Element Sheet tab on the left of my webpage. I have the story element questions listed under the heading current assignments.

    Math homework will be sent home twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays except for short holiday weeks and testing.