• Rules
    Our Class Schedule
    8:30-8:50-Morning Work
    10:20-11:10-Science/Social Studies
    2:40-3:15-Vocabulary/Read Aloud/Packup
    Specials Schedule


    Classroom Rules and Expectations
    In my classroom, I expect every student to take an active part in his/her learning and always put forth the best effort that he/she can. I expect students to show PRIDE in our classroom in the following ways:
    Politeness- Do not disrupt the classroom or transitions. Do not talk while the teacher or other classmates are talking.
    Respect- Respect your classmates and teachers by only touching things that belong to you. Raise your hand and wait your turn.
    Integrity- Do not spread rumors, write notes, or say hurtful things about other people. Do your own work and keep your eyes on your own paper.
    Discipline- Obey all school rules. Work neatly and turn in all assignments on time.
    Excellence- Try your best at all times and follow directions. Set a good example for others around you.

    Classroom Consequences
    Classroom Behavior Consequences
     The first time a classroom behavior rule is broken, your child will receive a verbal warning. The second time a classroom behavior rule is broken, your child's behavior will be noted on a classroom discipline form. The discipline form will be sent home in your child's homework folder to be signed.  The third time a classroom behavior rule is broken, your child will have the behavior documented on the classroom discipline form, face a consequence in class depending upon the behavior, and get a phone call home. The fourth time a classroom rule is broken, your child's behavior will be noted on the classroom discipline form and a conference may be requested. If one form is completed (4 chances) within a week's time, your child will be sent to the office.
     Classroom Rewards
    Students are given Cat Cash for demonstrating PRIDE in the classroom and throughout the school. If student has demonstrated excellent classroom behavior all week, they are rewarded with $5 Cat Cash on Friday. Cat Cash is used for classroom and school wide incentives and prizes. Students are also given the opportunity to earn "coins" in the classroom. If I notice them showing good character and going above and beyond what is expected, I will add a coin to their "treasure box". These coins can be used for extra rewards in the classroom.