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    During this school year, we will be spending time daily working on comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and vocabulary. We will spend half of our class time working on a whole group story or skill lesson and the other half working in differentiated centers on your child's independent reading level. We will be using Wordly Wise vocabulary books for vocabulary instruction. 
    To practice Wordly wise visit the websites below:
    Go to "Search Quizlet" and type in Wordly Wise Book 4 Lesson ___ (whichever lesson we are working on). You will find games and practice tests.
    You will find flashcards and games for each lesson. 


    Your child will have reading homework on Monday-Thursday nights. Monday will consist of an article on the 4th grade level  (fiction or non-fiction) and a set of comprehension questions in a blue comprehension book. On Tuesday, your child will have another reading comprehension article from the content areas (Science/Social Studies) with a set of comprehension questions. On Wednesday, they will work read and respond. On Thursday, your child will be given homework from their Wordly Wise vocabulary book that will consist of a reading passage and the vocabulary words being studied in class each week. There will be a test on these vocabulary words/spelling patterns each Friday.h
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