• General Requirements & Grading Policies
    VISUAL JOURNAL (11x8.5 spiral bound sketchbook) is required for this course.  Journals will be worked in every day and graded every 2-3 weeks.  They will contain: Notes, Daily Warm Ups, Drawing Activities, Sketches, Research and Reports on Artists (one/quarter), Personal Critiques, Slide/Artwork Critiques, & Record of Major Project Processes. 

    MAJOR PROJECTS/PRODUCTS - 4 to 6 major projects will be assigned each nine weeks.

    STUDIO TIME/PARTICIPATION - Students are expected to be in class, on time, and productive for the duration.

    GRADES are based on Effort, Creativity, Participation, Product Neatness and Presentation, as well as Following Through on Directions.  They will be calculated as follows:

    50% Major Projects/Products (4-6 per qtr)

    25% Visual Journal, Reports, Quizzes

    25% Studio Time/Participation, Daily Clean-Up

    Missed Studio Time may be made up before or after school--schedule with me ahead of time.  School Board Policy allows 2 days for each day absent.