All school rules explained in the Student Handbook transfer to this room.  The studio will serve as a community space for artists to work individually, as well as learn with and from each other.  Each student will be treated as an artist with high expectations for following procedures and general conduct rules.


    1.  RESPONSIBILITY - Be on time, be prepared, use class time wisely, clean up, and make responsible decisions.

    2.  Show RESPECT - for your peers, materials, teacher, studio, school, artwork, and (most importantly) YOURSELF!  Be confident and patient in learning new processes.

    3.  ATTITUDE - Challenge yourself, try new things, explore, question, and collaborate!  No excuses!  You communicate just as much visually as you do verbally.  If you are ever unclear, on anything, ASK!



    1.  Verbal Reminder

    2.  Warning

    3.  Parent Contact

    4.  ASD

    5. Office Referral