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    Reading homework is to be completed Monday - Thursday nights. I suggest they read the same book for 3 nights in order to build their word recognition and fluency skills. They will be given a new book every 3 days. There may be additional readers in your child's reading bag or folder. These go along with the sound skill we have worked on in class that day. The reading sheets are what we completed together in class and can be used as a review of that skill during homework time.
    MathBoy doing homework
    Math homework is always due at the end of the week or whenever your child has completed it. Math homework is an extention of what we have been learning in class.
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    We review our spelling words in class. There is not a test at the end of the week. I may sometimes do "fun" tests to check their understanding of the skill. We focus on the skill or letter groups and not memorization.
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