The goal of SOAR at  Old Town is to become safer, more enjoyable, and more productive. The design of our behavior program is based upon data collected from school discipline records and from teacher survey results. Our program is designed to teach appropriate behaviors/expectations and rules as effectively as we teach academic skills.


    Old Town - S.O.A.R.


    • Self Respect
    • Offer Kindness
    • Act Responsibly
    • Respect Myself and others

    Our core values are posted throughout the school and include expected behaviors for all of us within the school, students, teachers, parents and other visitors. Students will earn positive rewards by exhibiting expected behaviors. Those rewards should:

    • increase the likelihood that desired behaviors will be repeated
    • foster a positive school climate
    • reduce the need for time consuming disciplinary measures
    Two major rewards are: (1) the individual reward, Eagle buck and (2) the class reward, Eagle merit. Eagle bucks can be used to purchase items in the Eagle store. Eagle merits will earn class rewards such as games, parties, etc.


    The Old Town Eagle Store is always in need of donations., We can use money of course, but we can also use gently used toys and other items of interest to children. If you can help, please call 924-2915.



Last Modified on March 1, 2020