• Name: Mrs. Shore
    Subject: 5th Grade
    Contact info: (336) 703-4141
    Welcome letter
    I welcome all of my parents/guardians to visit their child in room #313. Come and see what wonderful things we are doing in 5th grade. We at Petree Elementary School go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that your child gets everything he/she needs to become sucessful citizens. Our motto is: Be Bold Enough to Believe, Strong Enough to Achieve.  We will always be a work in progress, so come help us SOAR!!
    Classroom Expectations
    We have the flip-chart card system in our 4th grade class. It is called the Expectation Chart.
    Green: Fresh Start                                                                        Gold: Excellent                                              
    White: Warning                                                                              Silver: Average
    Orange: Expection & Explanation Form                                    Bronze: Satisfactory
    Yelllow: Phone Call Home
    Blue: Home Visit
    Red: Office Referral/D-1
    Grading Policy
    Test = 40%
    Quiz = 30%
    Classwork = 15%
    Homework = 5%
    Class Participation = 10%
    Students should read every night  for 30 minutes. You can read for enjoyment; a book, magazine, or news paper. Math assignments are three-four nights a week. Science, Health and Social Studies assignments are done in class, except when there are quarter projects.
    Each quarter our class will be reading different literary genres. For example: Poetry, Folk Tales, Fiction, Non-fiction and Plays. We will be reading leveled readers for take-home-reading and a variety of novels will be introduced. For example:  Dear Mr. Henshaw, The Whipping Boy, James and the Giant Peach, The Hundred Penny Box, Maniac Magee, Charlotte's Web, Tuck Everlasting, just to name a few. We will also profile a famous African-American person each day during the month of February.