• Welcome to the Medley/Brookshire

    5th grade Team Page!

    Mrs. Jessica Medley                              Mrs. Suzanne Brookshire
    jmedley@wsfcs.k12.nc.us                   sebrookshire@wsfcs.k12.nc.us 
    Subjects:  Math & Science                   Subjects: Language Arts & S.S.
    The 2016-17 year has started out well!
    Please be advised we are updating information on our Haiku page.  If you have questions about how to get there, please let us know. 
    Ways you can help support our school:
    Join PGE PTA

     Why join Piney Grove PTA?

    The Piney Grove Elementary School PTA’s mission is to promote excellence in education, to encourage good health and to support the general welfare of OUR kids at school, at home and in the Piney Grove community! We strive to do this via a unified effort between parents (volunteers), faculty, staff, and the community.

    1. Our Kids need you (parental involvement)!

    2. Our School needs you (Piney Grove Elementary keeps $1.00 of  the $5.00 membership fee)!

    3. Our Community needs you (you do not have to be a PTA committee member to join PTA)!

    Today more than ever, schools are challenged to provide every child with the best education despite growing limitations (tight budgets and increased governmental requirements). Basically, schools are required to do more with less! Notwithstanding the challenges, more than 30 years of research has proven that children do better when their parents are involved both at home and at school; grades are higher, test scores rise, self-esteem grow, and schools improve. There’s a simple way to make these outcomes a consistent reality for Piney Grove: JOIN PTA!!!! Not only will you help to improve our school, you will get connected to other parents, to the teachers, and know what is going on at the school. You will have access to GREAT resources (tips on helping with homework, tips on EOGs, etc) via the NC PTA website using your member number. You can truly have a voice when it comes to exchanging ideas and advocating for our children. On top of all of that, you can be a good role model for your child.

    Clothes Closet Donations
    We are in need of help again this year with our clothes closet.  The clothes closet is for students that have accidents and need a change of clothes.  We ask that if you send in items that you please make sure they are gently used and without holes & stains.  The items we are in need of are:

    -Girls pants (sizes 6 & up....knit leggings are great)

    -Girls shirts (sizes 8 & up....long & short sleeves)

    -Boys pants (sizes 6 & up)

    -Flip flops (all sizes)

    We greatly appreciate all of the donations that have been made to our clothes closet.  

    Box Tops & Campbell's Soup Labels
    Turn these in to your child's homeroom teacher to help raise funds for our school!