• Homework Policies
    Math:  Students will have math homework every night Monday through Thursday.  It is expected that students make an effort to complete each problem assigned.  Students are given a "Keeping Skills Sharp" Worksheet each Monday.  They are expected to complete it throughout the week and return it on Friday.  They should not use a calculator, unless it is to check their work.  These are factored into their participation grade each quarter.  I do not do this based on how well they do, rather on whether or not they attempt each problem and show their work
    In addition to assigned problems, students should be studying their multiplication facts 0-12, divison facts 0-12 and their 5th grade quick quiz facts (these are posted in the "classroom documents" section of our website and are stapled to their agenda). 
    Reading:  Students are expected to read out loud every night for at least 20 minutes, all year.  Students must show that they read by having a parent sign their agenda or by writing a paragraph about what they read. Occasionally students will be assigned projects*.
    Science/Social Studies:  Occasionally students will be assigned homework and or projects in Science and Social Studies*.
    *Projects:  If a project is assigned, we will send home all information, expectations and due dates.
    Daily homework will not be posted on our website.  Students are expected to copy down their homework assignments from the board into their agendas everyday.  Students should have the phone number of a classmate to call in case they do not get their homework copied down.