• Intervening with your child during read aloud time



    I have asked that your child read aloud each night to increase his or her fluency.  Research shows that every child who reads aloud on their level everyday grows dramatically by the end of the school year.  Here are some great tips on how to help your child:


    Remember that the most important part of listening is to WAIT.  Give your child time to discover and/ or correct a problem.


    • When your child gets off track say:

    Point to each word as you read.

    Try that again and touch each word.

    • When your child substitutes a wrong word say:

    Does that make sense?  Try it again.

    Does that sound right?  Try it again.

    Lets look at that word again.  What letter do you see at the beginning?

    Try again and get your mouth ready to say that word.

    Youve almost got it, try again

    • When your child comes to a word and just stops say:

    What can you do to figure that word out?

    Does the picture help?

    What would make sense there?

    Could that word be (use the correct word)?  Try and see if this works.

    Is there a part of the word you can read?

    • When your child makes a correction say:

    Were you right?

    I like the way you fixed that.

    Good work getting that right!

    You got it.  Read it again.

    You figured that out yourself!
    Many students and parents ask, "Do we really need to read every night?"  The answer is a resounding YES!  Please read this attachment that shows exactly how important this is!