• 5th Grade Supply List


    We will be collecting money for Scholastic News and Science Spin magazines.  We will let you know the cost ASAP.

    Below is the school system’s supply list. Please note our changes on the right

    School System Supply List

    Medley/Brookshire Supply List

    box of 24 crayons

    No crayons/colored pencils instead

    glue sticks

    Optional (these will be collected)

    packs of loose leaf paper

    Buy 2 (keep 1 at home for later)

    pack of #2 pencils

    Put these in your pencil pouch (mechanical is fine)

    2 boxes of tissues

    These will be collected

    box of washable markers

    Kept in pencil pouch

    pencil pouch

    Zippered (no hard boxes)

    composition or spiral book (wide rule)

    1 for Science class

    Solid colored 2-pocket folder

    Buy 3 with pockets and prongs

    3 ring binder (1”)

    Buy 1 for loose leaf paper and agenda

    book bag/back pack

    No wheels

    hand sanitizer (Purell/Dial/GermX)

    hand sanitizer is not needed-  We do need zip lock bags (quart & gallon), and Clorox Wipes

    two 5-subject spiral notebooks (wide rule)

    Dividers not necessary

    package of index cards

    1 or 2 packs.  These will be collected



      Some supplies, such as pencils or paper, may need to be replenished during the year.