Salary Schedules

  • Salary Schedules
    WS/FCS Salary Schedules

General Questions FAQ

  • What happened with the funding the Governor included in his budget for Teachers and Staff?

  • What happened to the study that Dr. Hairston requested, and the firm was paid $70,000? Where are the results?

  • Have we not paid other companies to come in to look at our salaries before?

  • Why are there never any true “merit” increases possible for employees?

  • We used to get bonus days instead of raises. Could we give those until raises are given?

  • What is Comp Time?

  • Is it possible to also do this type of informative meeting concerning HR and the leave?

  • How much below national average are we in terms of compensation?

  • How do we contact our elected officials?

  • How do I contact HR to ask about my particular pay situation?

Teacher Bonus FAQ

  • Are Central Office Employees, stationed at Homebound-Hospital, included for the $350 bonus?

  • Not all teachers received an increase, can you please clarify?

  • Will MTSS Coordinators receive the bonus?

  • Will the certified supplement from the county change from year to year as the sales tax increases/decreases? Can it change mid-year?

  • Teachers are contracted employees. Does it state in their contracts that they get raises?

  • Where did the money come from for the $715 increase last year for teachers?

  • Is there any thought of reinstating the bonus for teachers at Title I schools?

  • Will part time teachers receive the $350? Bonus?

  • What is the exact amount of our supplement for a certified teacher, based on 10 months?

  • So only new teachers get the $350 bonus?

Classified Staff and TAs FAQ

  • How is the classified employee bonus calculated?

  • Is the bonus based on my annual salary or it is based on total income? Overtime/longevity

  • Is the 3% bonus before or after taxes?

  • One of the board members asked Dr. Hairston to increase the bonus from 3% to 5%. Why did she say no?

  • How do they determine your pay grade level?

  • What is being done to give classified staff a raise?

  • How do you move up on the classified employee schedule that is posted online for your grade from minimum to midpoint-to maximum?

  • Why did they do away with the step increase for classified?

  • Why is it that new people coming into the district have higher salaries than those that have been here longer?

  • Will the bonus be taxed at a higher rate than the normal rate?

  • When will the bonus be paid?

  • Why can’t teacher assistants be grouped under the same umbrella as teachers when it comes to getting raises from the state legislation?

  • How does the state justify that TAs are paid below poverty level?

  • Does the state pay the salary regardless of amount? Example, if a classified employee is hired in or paid at $50,000 will the state reimburse for the total amount? Additionally, if an employee makes $30,000 and is increased by R10,000 does the state cover?

  • How will the cleaning Wednesday impact classified staff? Will they work from home?