•    Each child will have a chance to be our Piney Pal of the Week.  Your child should fill out the simple form sent home and select a few pictures to put on their poster.  The forms will be in the Friday folder on the week before their turn. If you forget (or I forget!!!) or turn it in late---that will be fine and we will post it in the classroom when we can.

    Piney Pal of the Week 

    September: 9  Aubrie      23- Grace                  October:  7 Katie C.         21-Christina
    November:  4 - Hannah   18- Daniel                  December:  2- Bethany    16- Wallace
    January:  7- Marissa         21- Kaileen                February: 4- Sydney         18 - Avery
    March: 4- Katherine         18-  Savanna              April:  1 - Lauren             15-Lydia
    May :  6-  Cole                 20- MacKayla              June: 3 (or before)  Landry