• Classroom Policies


    Your student will learn to function as an individual in the classroom and will work together as a community of 4th graders. One of my goals is to teach all students to be responsible for themselves and be ready for each school day.Your support will greatly help your child’s success in the classroom. "The more the school and the family are joined as partners in educating young people, the greater the children’s success." This is a quote taken from a book written by Harry Wong titled The First Days of School. This statement is small, powerful, and very true. I would like to work with you whenever possible to help your child have a wonderful and successful year. Please contact me any time when you have questions about your child’s work, behavior, or any other concern at school. I look forward to working with you this school year.



    Students will bring home an agenda every day and it will need to be reviewed by you to ensure homework is complete.  The agenda will also be a way for me to send home short messages when needed. Students who do not do their homework will have to make it up during any extra time they have. Students can have Math, Reading, and Word Work homework. In the event your child is unable to complete their homework, please write this in his/her agenda so they will not be disciplined. More on homework:

    •     In fourth grade we focus on teaching students responsibility.  Students will be expected to record their homework in their agendas daily and complete all assignments.  Please review the agenda with your child each evening to ensure homework is complete and to check for discipline notes.
    •    Please place agenda in 1 inch binder (NO large binders) that will be used for homework.
    •     Incomplete homework will be made up during extra class time and points will be taken off their homework grade.

     Rewards: I have a rewards catalog in the classroom with many fun options. Students will chose an award once their punch card is filled.

    Following are some helpful homework tips:

    Let your child know that you believe homework is important.

    Schedule a daily homework time.

    Setup a homework area.

    Monitor to see your child is doing homework.

    Provide guidance when needed (without doing the homework for your child).

    Provide encouragement.

    Take action when homework is not done,

    Take action when homework is not brought home,

    Contact the teacher when problems or questions arise.



    My goal is to use positive reinforcement and redirection as much as possible in the classroom. However, situations may need further action. I will be using Class Dojo to monitor positive and negative behavior in the classroom. Students and parents will be able to see positive and negative marks daily.  If a student receives a negative mark or more, he/she will walk one lap per negative mark at recess.  A discipline form will be sent home informing parents of the problematic behavior.  If three negatives are given in one day, a parent/guardian will be contacted by phone or email depending on the behavior.  If behavior continues throughout the week, then the student will visit the principals office in which contact with parents will be made.  See our PBIS procedures for discipline form information. If a student becomes uncontrollable, she/he will be removed from the classroom.

    Students have punch cards.  They will punch a hole in their card for each total positive points (positive minus negatives).  Once the chart is complete they will chose a reward from the catalog.

    We are adopting the P.A.W.S. motto to outline school behavior.  Please support us with this process.

      P - pay attention,

      A - always be prepared,

      W - work and act safely,

       S - show respect!