•                     RULES                 
    • Be Respectful
      Be Responsible
      Be Prepared
      Be Safe       
    • Note home to parent in Planner./Sign "The Book"
    • Time Out!
    • Phone call to parent.
    • Conference with parent.
    • Discipline Referral Note/copy sent to parent
    • If 3 Occurrences within a week a D1 will be written and the child sent to the office.
    • Students will bring home Planners nightly.
    • Any notes to and from Mrs. Weavil can be written in the Planner. (Preferably via email; adweavil@wsfcs.k12.nc.us)
    • Please sign the Planner nightly.
    • Students will be graded on the 7 point scale.
    • Tuesday packets will be sent.
    • (4) 3-prong pocket folders ( Homework, Music, Computer Lab, and Science Lab.
    • checking pens;  Ink pen (black or blue)
    • Notebook paper (This will need to be replenished as it runs out!)
    • (5)Composition books (Social Studies, Science, Math,  Language Arts, Reading)
    • covered pencil sharpener (to be kept in desk)
    • Zippered pouch (no boxes)
    • Kleenex
    • scissors
    • Elmers Glue bottle
    • backpack
    • colored pencils
    • markers(not Sharpies or permanent ones)


    ******If you have any problems getting the supplies, please contact Mrs. Weavil.