• Speech/ Articulation Disorders


    Each month the children with articulation disorders that come to my room will make a calendar. These calendars will have words they need to work on for the month. I recommend they say their "word of the day" at least 5 times for an adult or in front of a mirror, paying attention to how their mouth forms the word. They can even put the word in a complete sentence. At the end of the week, try putting all of the words for that week in one sentence or make up a new tongue twister! Remember, practice makes perfect!  Also, parents, listen to your child.  Ask them where they hear their sound in the word.  For example, where do you hear the /r/ in "hurry"? Do you hear it in the beginning, in the middle, or at the end? This helps children realize there are sounds in differnt parts of the words and will help with reading and spelling skills.