•  Language Difficulties

    Children with expressive and receptive language difficulties can typically have difficulty with reading comprehension and written language.  I try to incorporate many of my speech lessons around these areas. We will often read/ write stories, read selected reading passages, poems and books that are relevant to what the child has difficulty with in every day life and in class. We answer questions about the story or pictures and identify and define the vocabulary that they find difficult.  I have found that these children are much more successful when the small group intervention directly corresponds to what is happening in class. As a parent/ guardian, you can help your child by asking questions about their day, their reading homework, or the TV show they are watching.  Questions that ask "what happened in the story/ show, why did the character do what they did, what do you think will happen next", all help a child to understand what is happening in the story or show.  Encourage children to ask questions.  Often, they do not understand what is meant or what a word means.  Language is all around us all day long.  Help your child to be successful- encourage reading!